About House of Kelleher

Kelleher is my middle name, and my paternal grandmother’s surname, which means “lover of company” and “wise and prudent.” Aligned with those thoughts, House of Kelleher is a socially benevolent luxury, cruelty-free, organic, sustainable materials label to comfort you on your journey to wholeness. 

The House of Kelleher was born from all my life’s experiences to find comfort and feel beautiful, even when life feels uncomfortable and downright messy. I invite those who are on their own personal journey of healing and transformation to feel comforted and supported by the products I have created and collected.

I strive to work with creative producers who are locally based in Colorado or are perhaps living in a country far away but working on their own journeys towards self-empowerment through meaningful work to support themselves and their families. I believe we can build a bridge between people, product, and planet, while honoring traditional craftsmanship and leaving no trace behind.

Importance of Sustainable Luxury—A Silk Revolution

I would like to return to the way clothing and linens were made before the modern age. I became aware of the textile industry's harmful impact on the planet and its inhabitants with the use of pesticides and chemicals in the manufacturing process. In addition, our consumption patterns for goods that are not well made creates the unhealthy cycle to throw away and buy more cheap goods.  I decided to use business to tilt the wheel to support the emerging eco-conscious fashion/textile industries in disadvantaged communities, especially women, to create change. It was in India I found a small community of silk farmers making organic peace silk.

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