Many types of trees are considered to be sacred in the Celtic nations, whether as symbols, medicinal uses, or because they are connected to certain nature spirits, myths. The Celt Tree of Life is a representation of the connection between mind, and body, never ending life cycles and between heaven and earth. The Celts believed that the Tree of Life was a symbol of strength, wisdom and longevity and that trees were ancestors of man and provided a passageway to the spirit world. The Celts saw the towering strength and longevity  (oaks can live for over 300 years). They were often planted in the center of newly formed communities, and it was called the “Crann Bethadh’.

Tree clay pendants were hand-made by an artist in North Carolina and beaded locally in Colorado with a variety of beads that are mixed with handmade, vintage, or one of a kind pieces that speak a subtle message to the world about one’s journey, heritage.


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