Our dreamy dried lavender bouquets of approximately 125 stems, will spruce up any space while adding a hint of lavender fragrance. The English lavender imparts a soft sweet lavender aroma, measures 10-12 inches in length and the crown of the bouquet is 6-8 inches across. The bud color is a dark purple with small delicate buds.

Please remember that this is an all natural product with some variations in the individual bundles. Our Certified Naturally Grown lavender is hand harvested fresh from local fields in the morning hours after the dew has dried. This method insures we can meticulously capture the lavender at it’s peak beauty and aroma. We hang and store these bundles in a protected environment in order to deliver top notch quality to our customers. Our lavender is grown in the beautiful foothills of Northern Colorado.  We try to do things the old-fashioned way, just how our forefathers did.


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