You’ll love how this spray feels on your face. They tone, hydrate and refresh the skin. Distilled on a local farm from herbs they grow, they are lightly aromatic waters from plants, also called hydrosols. They are naturally pH balanced to skin so help restore your skin’s natural pH. Try them after exercise, good for irritated skin. This is a great spray to use as an aftershave spritz too.

Spray on your face after cleansing, or all over the body (even linens). Spritz your hair before brushing to smooth the cuticle, soften hair and decrease frizz. Use directly on linens (lavender for a good night’s sleep). Use on airplanes for hydration.  Spritz rose for a natural perfume, aphrodisiac, toner, antibacterial. Also, use anytime on the body, face and hair for hydration and refreshment.

We are offering lavender, and rose. They come in a plastic spray bottle and contain a mild preservative so you can keep them in your purse or on your vanity table. This product is vegan.

Key ingredients

Herbs – These products are made by distilling herbs grown on a local farm and contain only that water portion of the distillation and a mild preservative made from aspen bark which allows you to carry them with you rather than refrigerating. 2 oz spray.

Rose – Hormone balancer, good moisturizer for dry skin, promotes balance, or try it on yoga mats



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